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“Teaches our youngest children to value life”

I would recommend that any Catholic school consider the Skiff & AJ Fantastic Voyage video. It does a wonderful job providing age appropriate instruction in an entertaining story that teaches our youngest children to value human life in all its forms.

Dr. John Luciano
Holy Spirit Catholic School
Principal, Jacksonville, FL

“A wonderful tool”

Lumen Entertainment has created a wonderful tool to help us address this poverty within the family. It is my prayer that many parishes and schools will take advantage of both Skiff & AJ's Fantastic Voyage and the value of life presentation.

Bishop Felipe Estévez
Bp. Emeritus of the Diocese
of St. Augustine, Florida

“I'm very supportive”

We have to address this issue of value of life. And I'm very supportive of your efforts.

Sheriff John Rutherford
Sheriff of the Jacksonville
Police Department


A delightful, light-hearted story for kids that teaches deep truths about the beauty of life in the womb.

Kathleen Domingo
Life Coordinator
Archdiocese of Los Angeles

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Share the message of life with another family.
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Our mission

Our mission

Our mission

Our mission

The mission of Lumen Entertainment is to enlighten and nourish with the gospel truth through the arts. Our hearts ache for those who have not encounter Christ. Chances are you're surrounded by people in that situation. Together we can impact them for Christ.

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