........12th Annual....... 2019 Film Camp Starts In

Stinkin Days
Long Hours
Gruling Minutes
Nail Biting Seconds

Film Camp costs us twice as much as we charge for it. Would you like to help us train future film makers? Make you tax-deductible donation today.

Are you a young filmmaker that would like to come to camp, but can’t financially swing it? Contact me and let’s see what we can do.


10+ years of film camp already?! When I was 14, my uncle said, "Brian, you need to get an agent." That simple comment gave me the direction I was looking for, but to shy to ask for. I've learned quite a bit since then and I'd like to share it with you. As a matter of fact, many industry pro friends will stop by camp to share their talents with you too. It's going to be a blast. I hope you can make it. - pax, Brian

Film Camp Bundle

Save big
$ 1200 3 weeks
  • Week 1 - Pre-Production
  • Week 2 - Production
  • Week 3 - Post-Production

11 years of films. Enjoy