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Come on in Pilgrim!WWITC_Sanctuary_thumbnails

At The Station!WWITC_AltarRail_thumbnails

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Bless me it’s been 1 month since my last show.


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“Lumen Entertainment has created a wonderful tool!” -Bishop Felipe J. Estévez
“I Love the story!” – Terry from Florida
“It’s simply marvelous! It is not only a good film for children.”- Annabel from Spain
“It’s a movie that you watch several times.” – Wanda from Montgomery, TX
“God is blessing you with awesome creativity, it fills my heart with joy.” -Michele from Darnest
Although Skiff & AJ’s Fantastic Voyage is Lumen Entertainment’s first animated film, Skiff and AJ’s adventures actually began with the Altar Gang! When Fr. Joseph, a very busy and holy priest, begged God for help with his many parish duties, God answered him by breathing on the sacred objects used in the Mass and bringing them to life! Dubbed the Altar Gang, they eagerly help Father with his parish duties and discover the lessons of the Catholic Faith. You can get the CDs of their other zany quests, as well as the DVD of Skiff & AJ’s Fantastic Voyage in our store!own, MD United States
When inanimate objects Skiff (the incense boat) & AJ (the aspergillum) test – drive their homemade time machine, it shrinks them to a gnat size. After a pregnant lady mistakenly inhales the wannabe time travelers, the two soon encounter an extra-special being dwelling within. Skiff & AJ begin to communicate with, learn about, and start a new friendship with the baby in the womb. Without enough power to launch their ship back to the outside world, Skiff & AJ find themselves stranded. They make plans for a big scape – but to work, it’ll take all they can muster.
Can baby safely deliver them home from their life changing adventure? Embark on a FANTASTIC VOYAGE that’s right under your nose (and left of the spleen)!
In Value of Life with Dr. Tom Stanley, Dr. Tom shows us how God took time to make each one of us and how he has big plans for each of our lives! After watching Dr. Tom, you will be a lover of LIFE.
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