Value of Life Project

Knowing you are loved and created by God is something to smile about.

Value Of Life Project


BEFORE Watching Skiff & AJ we asked kids if they were valuable.
I'm Valuable 27%
AFTER Watching Skiff & AJ we asked kids if they were valuable.
I'm Valuable 95%

Since 1990 the media has been the #1 influence on children.* It’s molding the way children think about life.

However, violence and immorality are ever-increasing in children’s shows, which is pushing children away from God.

-Barna Research Group


God loved you first

What if at Mass this Christmas, you gave the kids a movie that shows them God loved them first, ignites a passion for Christ in their hearts, and teaches them that Every Life is Sacred?

Proven to Work

Our DVD, Skiff & AJ’s Fantastic Voyage is loved by kids and has been proven to evangelize them and their parents.

Wake them Up

This Christmas, reawaken the faith of your occasional Mass-goers with this impactful DVD.


You order enough DVDs for the young families in your parish.


At Christmas your pastor calls the kids up to receive their DVD gift.


The kids will watch it over and over. Go ahead, Ask them their favorite part and enjoy another point of evangelization with every child in your parish.

Free shipping for standard delivery within the United States.

Order 200 DVDs or more for $3.50 per DVD.

Order 20 to 199 copies for $4.50 per DVD.