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Use their greatest influence to bring them back.


Since 1990 the media has been the #1 influence on children.* It molds the way we think about life.

Movies can help us know God more clearly‘ – Saint JP2

However, violence and immorality are increasing in children’s shows, which is pushing children away from God.

What if at Mass this Christmas, you gave the kids a movie that showed them God loved them first, ignites a passion for Christ in their hearts, and teaches them that Every Life is Sacred?

Skiff & AJ’s Fantastic Voyage DVD is loved by kids and been proven to evangelize them and their parents.

This Christmas we want to help you inspire your “Christmas & Easter Catholics” to come back for good.

* = (Barna Research Group)

How to Get started.

1. You order enough DVDs for the young families in your parish.

2. At Christmas, Easter, or First Holy Communion, the Pastor calls the kids up to receive their DVD gift.

3. The kids will watch it over and over. Ask them their favorite part and enjoy another point of evangelization with every child in your parish.

How much does it cost?

Order 200 DVDs or more for $3.50 per DVD. (order here)

Orders 20 to 199 copies are $4.50 per DVD. (order here)

Free shipping for standard delivery within the United States.


My kids absolutely love Skiff & AJ’s Fantastic Voyage and the message is incredible! – Amy, FL mom
Lumen Entertainment has created a wonderful tool – Most Reverend Bishop Felipe Estevez


If you’re curious…


The fact is that the majority of media content is contrary or distracting your flock from the Good News you are sharing with them on Sunday. If you told your parishioners to stop watching so much TV do you think they would listen? Probably not. And that’s why your flock needs alternative media to inspire them to seek Christ. That’s why our team of artists and animators from the top studios, like Disney, Pixar, Big Ideas, and Dreamworks created Skiff & AJ’s Fantastic Voyage to teach kids that: human life is sacred and they have an infinite value given to them by the creator of the universe.

We know Skiff & AJ’s Fantastic Voyage impacts children’s view of the value of life because we’ve tested it in catholic schools with over 400 children. That’s where we discovered 55% of the children know they are valuable. BUT, After a child watches Skiff & AJ’s Fantastic Voyage, 89% of them understand their Value! We think knowing that God loved you first makes you want to know more about this Loving God. And as Dr. Stanley says, “you have to know that every life is valuable before you can know that abortion is wrong.”

Here’s more great news for your parish….

Children are the #1 reason why parents come back to the faith. And when they do, Parents choose a church based on what they do for their children. So when you give their kids a movie that ignites a passion for God in their hearts, they will be grateful.









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