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The Pope Show will bring you large quantities of quality Catholic entertainment.


Explore the rich history of the Papacy and the relatable themes of family, evangelization, mercy, and sacraments through character-driven stories.


Villains, heroes, history, humor and Catechesis, with regular characters and Papal guests, THE POPE SHOW is fun for the whole family.


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Linus #2 of 266 POPES

Producing Catholic entertainment is missionary territory. It is not in a remote 3rd world country, but in every TV, laptop, or phone. Imagine the possibilities.


With your help, we can create the first season of The Pope Show. Do you want to tell society that if we lived by Jesus’s Beatitudes, all of life’s problems would be solved? When you support the POPE SHOW, you are evangelizing with the greatest influence on most people’s lives: THE MEDIA.


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Frequently asked questions

We’ve made feature films, dozens of audio dramas, short films, run a film camp in the summer for teens, and we even produced the 3D animation Skiff & AJ’s Fantastic Voyage, all with A-list talent.  All of this comes about through great sacrifice. Know this for sure, producing Catholic entertainment is missionary territory.  We’ve been doing this since 2003. With God’s grace we will get The POPE SHOW done.

First you must understand there are over a dozen people volunteering their time and talents. (Boy are they talented) But some costs we can’t get around. We’ve got those widdled down to $30,000 an episode. Once we get cranking we can get it down to $20,000 per episode.  A small price to reach millions of souls.

Sure. That’s the plan for our media-savvy children who want engaging stories, games, exclusive webisodes and behind-the-scenes footage accessed through multiple devices. But it’s not going to happen without your support.

At least 8 years ago, I started asking the Lord for a concept that is not as expensive as animation but still as much fun. That’s when the Pope Show popped into my head.

THE POPE SHOW are 23 minute episodes. A puppet series that revolves around WALTER COMBS, an epic reporter who travels back in time with his sidekick RALPH to meet the POPES and the impact they have had on society. Walter reports on them from his NY, NY newsroom where MR. JANITOR, THE TWO WINDOW WASHERS, MR. MAIL, MISS PURSE and THE BOSS cause havoc. Nevertheless, Walter  always delivers a top rate show with a Guest Pope to discuss the richness of the Papacy and its impact on the world at large. A reoccurring guest is HARRIS C. SPREADS, who works to undermine Popes; however, Walter always has the last word: “Your name may change, but you’re always the same. Hogwash”

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