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Dr. Tom Full Bio

Hi! My name is Thomas Paul Stanley. I was born December 2, 1951 in Denver, Colorado, the fourth child and eldest boy of 10 children. My father dropped out of high school to fight in WWII. My mom was raised as a farm girl in Nebraska. My dad was a hard worker and worked during the day and as a janitor at night to raise all of us. He and my mother were fervent Catholics. Rosaries, prayer and daily mass were always part of our life. I went to Catholic grade school and high school. I was an altar boy at the time that the Liturgy language was changing, thus I learned the Mass in both Latin and English! I loved being an altar boy. My jobs thru High School and College included being a paperboy, golf caddy, busboy and grocery store bagboy and stocker.

I attended college at Colorado University and majored in Biology. I prayed daily for guidance and only by God’s providence got accepted into Medical School at St. Louis University in 1974. I studied both adult and pediatric medicine and eventually worked as an Emergency Room Doctor. In medical school my experience with the complicated nature of the human body, reinforced my belief in God’s sovereignty. I marveled at His creation.

One of my most wonderful experiences was as a Medical Director of St. John’s Villa in Ohio. It was an orphanage for neurologically abnormal children. The nuns there taught me great service and humility. I then worked two years as a pediatrician in a small town in Missouri. There I learned true prayer and deeper service from my father-in-law.

Eventually in 1990, I ended up in Jacksonville, Florida where I have remained as a practicing pediatrician. In Jacksonville, I have developed two hobbies (possibly classified as passions). The first is St. Anthony’s Orphanage in Kingston, Jamaica. I visit there often to help medically and with fundraising. Secondly, I absolutely love to speak to children about Pro-life issues. I firmly believe that the earlier they understand the value of life, the more likely they will be Pro-life.

I am married to Julia, for nearly 30 years. She is a very devout Catholic. Her family, from rural Missouri, was large like mine (nine children). Their Catholic faith was rich and strong. Julia’s faith has buoyed me and kept me strong. Julia and I have five children and one grandchild. I am proud of each of them!

All of my experiences and acquaintances during my life prepared me for a Ministry I did not seek, but was given to me, and for numerous years, I have been an avid speaker for life. I love doing this. I feel that you cannot oppose abortion without first embracing life.

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